Denied: Appeal as moot after Revenue releases records

Denied: An appeal on a request to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for certain lottery sales data, after the department provided documents to resolve the appeal, but the requester failed to respond to the Office of Open Records, which was trying to determine if the appeal had been rendered moot. Read More...

Denied: Appeal of Allentown tax record redactions

Denied: An appeal of redactions made on a request to Allentown for correspondence between the city and its tax collection agency. Read More...

Granted: Copy of Mt. Carmel Twp. ordinance

Granted: A copy of a construction permit fee ordinance from Mount Carmel Township, which the township failed to respond to.

The township responded to the initial request by invoking the 30-day extension to reply, and advised that a response would be provided by Dec. 9. The requester filed an appeal to the Office of Open Records on Dec. 14, when he had not yet received a response from the township.

The township did not provide grounds for withholding the records in response to correspondence from the OOR.

"There is no question that a final ordinance is a public record," the OOR wrote in its determination.

"The township presented no evidence that the record requested does not exist, and supplied no grounds for withholding it and therefore must disclose it, or alternatively provide an affidavit made under penalty of perjury by someone with personal knowledge that no such ordinance exists."

Mychak vs. Mt. Carmel Township AP 2009-1108

Granted: Mt. Carmel Twp. attorney's contract

Granted: A request to Mount Carmel Township for its contract with legal counsel, including hourly rate and explanation of fees, which the township failed to respond to. Read More...

Granted: Mt. Carmel Twp. minutes and tapes

Granted: A request to Mount Carmel Township for minutes, meeting tapes and treasurer's reports, which the township failed to respond to. Read More...